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When Paul was a teenager, his parents divorced. But Paul’s story is not another account of the negative effects a divorce can have on an adolescent. No,Paul’s story is about what he witnessed during the course of legal proceedings stemming from his parent’s divorce and the impression it formed upon him that created the foundation of Cataudella Law. During the course of this legal proceeding, Paul observed several disturbing business practices that he pledged never to allow occur at his firm. 


Firstly, when Paul’s mom, Susan, met with her attorneys over the duration of the case, the meetings lacked a consultative approach. Susan was always told what to do. She was never consulted on what her options were, never instructed as to what the pros and cons were of different possibilities, never advised on what the attorneys believed was the best course of action, and was never empowered to make an informed and educated decision about the fate of her own case. 


Secondly, Susan was routinely forced to reach out to her attorneys in order to learn the latest status of her case and, worse off, when funds in her attorney-client trust account were low, her attorneys would demand the funds be replenished before they expended any more time on her matter, including providing simple case status updates.


Lastly, Susan’s attorneys failed at being genuine advocates. One day, Susan was having her deposition taken at the opposing counsel’s law office. Susan and her attorney sat across from  opposing counsel in the clear glass conference room, while Paul sat outside in the hall able to witness his mother being questioned. At one point during her deposition, the opposing lawyer became visibly hostile toward her, raising his voice and pointing a finger in her face, while her attorney sat idly by. Meanwhile, Paul anxiously watched from outside the room, as he saw his mother become visibly upset. It wasn’t until the opposing lawyer rose from his chair leaning over the table while yelling at Susan that Paul ran into the room, and ultimately put an end to what was happening. While at the time, all Paul could do was defend his mother and stop this attorney from yelling at her, Paul knew he was meant to protect people, like his mother, in his career.


Following this experience, Paul set out to become an attorney and pledged to himself that he would never allow his clients to endure what his mom endured during an already difficult time in their life. Less than ten years later, Paul founded Cataudella Law, APC. 

In addition to Paul’s responsibilities to his firm, Paul also serves as an adjunct professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, participates in speaking engagements at domestic and international conferences, and acts as chief legal counsel and business operations manager of a leading destination management company.

Professional Speaker 

Topics: Law, Business, Crisis Management

Through his experience as an adjunct professor and regular speaking engagements at conferences with over thousands of  people, Paul introduces the audience to the application of law and its processes as it pertains to their businesses. He empowers his audience to leave with confidence and knowledge to move forward successfully.


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About Cataudella Law

Cataudella Law began with a focus on litigation and subsequently broadened its scope to include transactional and consultative services. As a litigation firm, this inherently meant that Cataudella Law was reactive (as opposed to proactive) in resolving disputes. By way of analogy, the firm operated most similar to a hospital emergency room; it offered only trauma related services instead of preventive care. After years of litigating a wide range of issues, however, it was clear to Cataudella Law how these matters arose and what could be done to mitigate their reoccurrence. This was especially important to clients because the costs associated with litigation far exceed the costs associated with planning and implementing sound business practices.  


Cataudella Law gravitates toward representing business owners in those areas that traditionally serve as pillars of any successful enterprise…intellectual property law, labor & employment law, and business law. The firm approaches every client with the intention of establishing clear objectives and setting reasonable expectations. Cataudella Law also understands the difference between a legal decision and a business decision. The firm’s clients are not told what to do with their businesses; they are consulted on the variety of options available to them while considering what best suits their individualized needs. With every step along the way, regardless of whether a client’s matter is rooted in litigation or transactions, clients are routinely educated, informed and empowered. This results in every client of Cataudella Law feeling confident they are making the best decisions for their businesses and for themselves.

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