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About DMC Coalition

Our Mission

DMC Coalition establishes an evolved standard of best practices throughout the DMC industry by delivering timely and reliable resources that promote a healthy business environment amidst an ever-changing landscape. DMC Coalition is dedicated exclusively to the success of DMCs throughout the world by providing access to a myriad of tools, education, leadership, advocacy, and community.

DMCC Mission
DMCC Goals & Values
Document Review

Provide DMCs with immediate relief and assistance to address ongoing and prospective issues arising in the industry.

In the wake of the pandemic, DMCs were inundated with notices of cancellations and, with limited resources, were forced to manage these issues mostly on their own. During this time, a glaring issue emerged...many of the concerns DMCs were dealing with were a byproduct of longstanding unresolved issues within the industry.


Paul Cataudella, founding member of DMC Coalition, united leaders of the DMC industry and challenged them to evolve by aligning under a unified voice, implementing a new way of thinking, and utilizing this unprecedented time as a catalyst for change to ensure the future success of DMCs and the satisfaction of their clients.


Thereafter, DMC Coalition was formed and a platform that addresses current issues in real time with the collective voice of the industry was created. Learn more about DMCC member benefits here.

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If your DMC has any question prior to becoming a member, please contact Paul.

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