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Community Forum


Communication is paramount in sharing knowledge, creating community, and promoting excellence throughout any industry. DMC Coalition aims to provide a platform for engaging in such communications within its interactive community forum.


Any member of DMC Coalition may easily initiate a topic of conversation or comment on any ongoing thread. With the input of fellow members, DMCs from all over the world can quickly collaborate on a variety of issues that help troubleshoot and improve their respective DMC’s and the industry. 


Through the forum, members are empowered to utilize this resource as an additional means of communicating directly with DMC Coalition. The forum is a space where each member can be assured that their voice will be heard and respected. If there is a particular question, concern or suggestion from any members, they want to know about it so that it may be thoughtfully addressed.


DMC Coalition’s forum is routinely monitored in order to promote and facilitate the professional and lawful exchange of information and knowledge amongst its members. All members are provided with information necessary to ensure compliance with antitrust guidelines.


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