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Resource Library

Round Library

DMC Coalition provides a library of professionally drafted peer-reviewed documents that are integral to the success of any DMC. The library is intended to serve as a permanent resource that is capable of swiftly responding and adapting to changes in the industry and the particular needs of DMCs.


With the abrupt onset of the pandemic, for example, new documents were produced and existing documents were revised in order to address novel issues experienced by DMCs, their clients, their suppliers, and even their employees.


Documents that either already exist or are scheduled for production include, but are not limited to:

  • Letter of intent;

  • Amendment to the Event Service Agreement;

  • Waiver of Liability for Infectious Diseases;

  • Revised Event Service Agreement;

  • Vendor Agreement;

  • Business Management Templates; and

  • A variety of employee/field staff related documents.


Each document found within the library contains basic explanations for key provisions and is preceded  by a memorandum that describes the intended purpose of the document.


If any member has specific questions about how any document should be properly integrated into their business, they have access to industry attorney and founding member, Paul Cataudella, and can retain Paul’s services at exclusive rates, so that every DMC can feel like they have their own general counsel.


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