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Vendor Agreement

March 5, 2021

This vendor agreement (also referred to as a supplier agreement) sets out the principal terms between a DMC and its vendor for goods and/or services to be provided by the vendor for a program managed and operated by the DMC. 


Because DMCs and their vendors typically work together numerous times over the course of years on different programs, this vendor agreement is intended to serve as a master vendor agreement.

Learn more about the vendor agreement here

2021: A Thesis on the Advancement of DMCs

January 31, 2021

The DMC industry must take the initiative to adapt and evolve. It must work collaboratively with its clients and its vendors to better articulate its value proposition, and form a more transparent and mutually beneficial relationship. In order to achieve this, DMCs must work together to develop improved business practices and standards. More specifically, DMCs must reevaluate their existing contracting and procurement processes, as well as their overall pricing models.


This writing sets out to not only provide context around the foregoing, but also deliver tangible ideas and proposed solutions. 

Event Service Agreement

December 21, 2020

The event service agreement is used between the DMC and its client to detail, among other things, what services are to be provided, when they are to be provided, their respective costs, and the responsibilities of each party to the contract. 

As of present, this letter of intent has been adopted by ADMEI as the industry's model letter of intent. This service agreement has been amended to include a revised  force majeure provision and indemnification provision. It also introduces a COVID-19 acknowledgment clause and a postponement of event services provision.

Amendment Agreement

Uploaded October 20, 2020

An amendment agreement is used to amend or modify a variety of commercial contracts. For a DMC, the most likely use of an amendment agreement, presently, is the modification of an earlier executed event service agreement for a program that is postponed to a later date. 


Learn more about the amendment agreement here.

Letter of Intent 

Uploaded September 1, 2020

A letter of intent (LOI), also referred to as a term sheet, memorandum of understanding, or heads of agreement, is a letter agreement that sets out the principal terms of a transaction.


As of present, this letter of intent has been adopted by ADMEI as the industry's model letter of intent. It starts as your initial good faith agreement confirming that the efforts your DMC is putting forth for a program will be considered in negotiations towards a definitive agreement (i.e., an event service agreement or, less often, a master service agreement).


Learn more about the letter of intent here.

*If your DMC is also a member of ADMEI, you may secure this document without charge through the ADMEI portal. 

Waiver of Liability: COVID-19

Uploaded September 1, 2020

This release of liability (also known as a liability waiver) is for DMCs to use when operating or reopening during a pandemic, or other public health emergency involving a significant outbreak of an infectious disease (i.e. COVID-19).

The attendee signs the release of liability to absolve or forgive in advance the DMC of potential claims that the attendee contracted an infectious disease while participating in the event or activity.


Learn more about the waiver of liability here.

Indemnification Provision: COVID-19

Uploaded September 1, 2020

The indemnification provision requires the client to agree to reimburse the DMC and any other released parties (e.g., vendors) from any losses incurred related to the disease due to the attendee participating in an event. Ideally, this provision would be used in addition to the waiver of liability.


If attendees refuse to sign (or clients refuse to have attendees sign) the waiver of liability, this provision should be included in the event service agreement as an additional protection. In doing so, this can help transfer liability to the client if an attendee later files suit against the DMC because they allege to have been exposed or contracted COVID-19 as a result of the program.

*If your DMC has already downloaded the Event Service Agreement, you need not to purchase this provision because it is included therein.  


If you would like assistance customizing any of the above documents to your DMC's particular needs, please contact Paul to schedule a meeting.

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